Entry: First set of my notes from NWLC Thursday, August 07, 2008

Notes from National Worship Leader Conference

July 22-24, 2008 Riverbend Church Austin, TX


Tuesday 07/22

Dr. Leonard Sweet “Jesus singing”

all the thoughts are Dr. Sweet's..the notes are mine

Mark 14:26 …in the upper room, at the last supper they ended with singing of a hymn

“the last thing Jesus did before everything went nuts was to sing”

“My God, My God why have you forsaken me”  not a quote or statement but a song title..Psalm 22  similar to saying “Shout to the Lord”…the first line implies the entire song…Jesus sang from the cross


Our job, as worship leaders is not to put words to music, but to use music and words to evoke images.  We create metaphors for the people of God. 

A metaphor is a metamorphosis.  Our mind is made up of metaphors.  We don’t remember in words, we remember in images and sounds, our senses.  Words are only powerful when they evoke the senses.

Holy metaphors are our business.

“ostraneny (sp?)” --- a Russian term…making the familiar, unfamiliar (“I never thought about THAT, that way”) Jesus ministry was largely made up from this concept (“You have heard it said….but I say”)


Gutenberg was the revolution of the previous era…Google is the revolution of the present era

Ours is a Campaign against the Cliché

7 Metaphors

1.       Design- Everything has to have a design, our culture is all about style, down to our designer coffee, toilet brushes, and handbags (Sex in the City)  We needs live designed by Jesus


2.       Transformation – practicality, once I was… then Jesus…now I am…

3.       Pilgrim (pilgrimage) followers—we spend lots of time training leaders, maybe we should spend more time training followers…disciples of THE leader…Jesus.  Very counter intuitive to the expectations of the world

4.       Connection- previous generation metaphor was a ladder…the present world, connection more closely resembles a web…how are we building connection?...1/2 of the people on the earth own a cell phone…this is a Google world…an event happens anywhere in the world…in a matter of hours ¾ of people on Earth can know about it…we need to prepare people for that world…not connecting in the Gutenberg world


5.       Organic- apple (whole) vs. oranges (segmented)…in the previous era our lives were segmented, religion was just part of what our lives were about….in this area, our lives are a whole and everything we do/are permeates every part of our lives…we aren’t seeking to make the scriptures come alive, we need to help people come alive to the scriptures  Diversity means, “not broken into verses or parts” taking into account the entire context…the whole of the scriptures


6.       Wind (Spirit)- we are in the spirit business,

The trees don’t move the wind, they bow to the supremacy of the wind, Only by the spirit do we do anything

Wind surfing…the wind blows where it will…if you’re born of the spirit, then you are aware of the wind and the direction and adjust your sails accordingly

7.       Harmony- matter is vibrating threads?  Unpredictable  A church is built from the “sound “ up.  Jesus Christ is God’s perfect pitch.  He is the song , just as in the NOOMA of rhythm, we are seeking to be in harmony with God’s song

Joy to the World (we sang, it was awesome)


here's another picture from Austin...hanging with Paul Baloche...actually we were eating lunch in the hall where he had just done a workshop, they were actually playing his "Creating Flow in Worship" dvd



 on the screen which I watched at Mountain View a few years ago...anyhoo...goes well with Chick-Fil-a


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