Entry: Wheat and Weeds and synergy..I guess Friday, April 18, 2008


the parable of the wheat and the "weeds"

Here is the problem, I read Matthew 13 today, this parable, and I think to myself.  "Self, you should journal/blog your thoughts on this today", "OK", I respond, "I think I shall".

Then I notice my little RSS gadget, and there is a little headline there from the www.jesuscreed.org blog on this very parable today.  So in my fleshly way, I feel cheated, yet.......what I will do is reread the parable, do a little more digging and then give some more thought to my own inspiration and write.  so ha!

Anyway, pray for me, here goes.

I tried to break down the main characters and incidents in the parable, and what I see.  God sowed good seed in the world, ONLY good seed, as the men slept, the enemy came in and sowed weeds, or tares, or thistles.  I like thistles the best which is what is used in the Message paraphrase.  Thistles are a better representation, for my taste, because while they certainly are weeds, they are so much more pesky than say crabgrass or dandelions, because they have thorns...nasty thorns.  Having grown up in the country I have stepped on a few.  Not cool!  Anyhoo.

So as good grew, so did evil.

This is when the workers woke up and started paying attention. "Hey, where did these weeds come from"...The enemy planted them while you weren't looking.  While you were comfortably sleeping.

So what do we do?  Master.  Do we rip them out of the ground?

Short answer from Jesus, or the man who planted the good seed.  NO.

This is where I feel like we, the church, have left the way that Christ has described here, for us.  The church does lots of wailing about the weeds, and have tried for hundreds of years, using many different techniques to "gather them up" or "pull them from the soil".  This is just what, THE MAN in the story told his workers NOT to do.

It seems to me, that Christ is giving an example of what a sustainable revolution looks like.  Real, fundamental, change doesn't come all at once.

The socialist revolution that is taking over in American government has been successful, because it has been subtle, slow and bloodless.  The hearts and minds of average citizens have been warmed to the ides.  This revolution, which is happening right now, for everyone to see, is happening in degrees.  We have the most socialist,conservative administration anyone could ever imagine in Washington DC right now. Most Americans have decided that since this hasn't worked for them, they are preparing to elect a true-to-life Marxist as president.  Welcome to the People's Republic of North America. Brilliant!  Just as Jesus would've planned it.  (absolutely no tongue in cheek whatsoever, I am completely serious..please read on) Liberation Theology, brought to you by CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News.

Of course, if the church would have just followed Jesus.  If we had taken this parable seriously as a guide on how to affect real change in our world, Marxism would never have been conceived.  It would not have seemed necessary.

The key concept in the parable is this.  No..Wait. I have a better way, one that is exactly opposite of what human pragmatism teaches"  It's the boiled frog story.


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