Entry: I'm gonna get political for a minute Thursday, August 28, 2008

OK, I posted this reply on the CBSSportsline board to a poll that said..."Will there be riots if Obama loses?

If anyone knows me, they know that I get so frustrated with the pathetic choices in leadership our current system provides us with.  Anyhoo....

This is the weakness that our two-party system creates.  Two choices are only one more than no choices, and in mine and many other people's case we see this election as yet another, none of the above election.

This has been the case since Ronald Reagen's last term and have given us some of the most ridiculous presidencies in our country's history, a Bubba between two Bushes.

So if Obama wins we get the People's Republic of America.  Goodbye compassionate conservatives (whatever the heck that was), and hello compassionate communism.

If Obama loses, we will probably get riots in LA, Oakland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, Houston, Richmond, Washington DC and New Orleans, just because it sounds like a good excuse.  Oh, and John McCain for a president, never has a VP candidate been so important.

The left  (using the labor unions and the media) manipulates the poor and minorities while they continue to do what they need to maintain whatever power they have accumulated.  The right  (using religious leaders and talk radio) manipulates the middle American white church goers, Cubans and the over 55 crowd.  They both do it by dangling the fantasy of future security.  The left will protect us from greedy companies and rich people by making us subjects to their will, and the right will protect us from terrorists and illegal Mexicans by blowing up Iraqis and building a fence.

What are we left with???  A freakin' mile long shouting match where, ironically enough, neither side is right.  I will vote as I always do, but until we rid our system of this dualist nonsense where both sides exist for each other's mutual benefit, WE ALL LOSE!


Rachel Pavalok
October 6, 2008   02:53 AM PDT
That is the most intelligent and funny thing I have heard since Moving in May to Alabama, My BRAIN IS SHRINKING! Help!

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